First Look: Van der Poel’s Secret to Success? 4Gold Nutrition

Mathieu Van der Poel and Gold. Two things commonly associated. Van der Poel does not settle for silver and neither do 4Gold who’s unique brand motto is #DontSettleForSilver

We were contacted through our website a few weeks ago by a Belgian CX Fan, who looked to share with us his reason why he thought Van der Poel had been so dominant this year in Cyclocross.

The margins between winning and losing in sport are often very small, and hence riders look for every marginal gain to increase their performance.

We were pointed in the way of, a new nutrition company, with great experience.

It turns out Ex-Pro Brent Luyckx and former motocross rider Axel Roelants joined forces with Mathieu Van der Poel to create a high-quality sports drink and nutritional range, which launched this season.

We’ve all heard of MVDP, however it is too Brent and Axel who bring great knowledge to the brand. Luyckx, not so long ago, was a very promising rider himself, together with ex-motocrosser Roelants and cross phenomenon Mathieu Van der Poel seem to have formed the perfect combination. “After more than a year and a half of long days and short nights it is finally, Mathieu Van der Poel, Axel Roelants and I who proudly introduce our food supplement company 4Gold.” explained Luyckx.

Luyckx, who is only 23, was forced to end his career early caused by Crohn’s disease, which affected his intestines. This motivated Brent to strive for the perfect sports nutrition: “During my career, I felt that there was still a lot of improvement in terms of supplementation, so the idea of ​​4Gold has grown to where we are now, namely helping with achieving the dreams of other athletes.”

There is already a wide range of products available specifically for a cyclocross rider. The range includes Pre and Post race drinks as well as Carbo Electrolyte drinks for which maybe were found in the bottle of Mathieu during the early season races!?

A further range is in development with additional energy bars and supplements, and recently a range of special performance coffee has been added to give you that extra recovery benefit.

As a team of professional athletes 4Gold were quick to realise that there are lots of different factors which determine what of, and how much you need to consume. As a result, thanks to extensive research and testing a table can be found on their website suggesting exact qualities and quantities of each product to be consumed depending on your own unique circumstances, such as your type of sport, your height, temperature etc.

And obviously with the extensive drug testing top riders such as Mathieu are subject to, the focus on drug-free food is also present, with products batch tested and batch numbers of purchased products available with information on the site.

More information on 4Gold can be found here

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